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My name is Tracy Snyder, I am the owner, trainer and seminar instructor for K9IQ Coaching & Consulting. I have an Honors Bachelor Degree in Physical Education from Brock University. I also have a Bachelors of Education form St Bonaventure University in the USA. I  began teaching elementary school in all subjects.


I played representative ice hockey as well as fastball for 20 years.  I was able to compete in 5 national tournaments and 2 world tournament representing Canada in Beijing China and Auckland New Zealand for women’s fastball.


I have used both, my physical education degree, teaching degree and playing abilities to coach Jr. Women’s fastball at many provincial and national tournaments. It is through this coaching that I have developed a great deal of my organization, space awareness and motivational techniques to my teaching. To keep 25 girls in tryouts or in clinics busy, motivated and effectively use all of the space was a constant challenge that I loved.


So naturally my love of dogs and my teaching skills quickly became my passion.  I have assisted and taught obedience classes since approximately 1988. I soon decided to quit teaching elementary school children and teach dog classes full time. On a weekly bases we taught between 300 -450 dogs. Over the years I have taught literally many 

thousands of students and have had the pleasure of watching many of them earn GMOTCH’s, MOTCh’s, Championships, Masters Agility titles, RAE’s and so much more.

Prior to ever teaching I spent almost 10 years going and watching classes at various schools and attending hundreds of trials since 1980.  Through my teaching at Campaign Dog Academy we consistently produced the top dogs in the country for obedience since 1988. Also having up to 8 or more licensed obedience judges on staff, I had inside knowledge and feedback from judges on a regular basis.

I co owned the number 1 Obedience dog in Canada in 1993 “a sheltie named Brock” and in 2002 I  owned and trained the number 6 obedience dog in Canada, a golden named “Canon”. I have also bred and helped train the

# 10 obedience dog in Canada for 2006 (Canon’s daughter Flyer). I have also helped coach the # 1 obedience team in Canada in 2000 and 2002 as well as many top ten teams in Canada for many many years.


I have enjoyed many sports with my dogs and have earned titles in obedience, agility, conformation, and rally O. Some of these highlights have included, the first ever dog to earn a Bermuda OTCH, my Canadian MOTCh, HITS in CKC, BKC and UKC, an elusive 200 in Open B, I have put 6 RE titles on dogs, Multi Best in Shows, top winning Golden puppy for 2004, completing agility courses consistently in ½ the standard course time and qualifying for Nationals as well as breeding 4  litters of goldens that have amassed 150+ titles to date. They too have multi HITs (over 80), MOTCH’s , ATCH”S, GMOTCH legs, Multi BIS, Perfect scores in Rally O, WC titles and JH titles.


I have had the great pleasure of teaching obedience seminars and clinics in Bermuda for more than 12 years. I have been there over 20 times over the years.


I have given seminars to other schools on how to set up classes, how to teach effectively and how to get the most out the staff and students. I have had the pleasure of writing the puppy training article for Dogs in Canada Annual in 2001, as well as doing several TV shows and spot lights on training. I was a literary advisor for Dog Sport Magazine for a few years in its early days. I recently created the level 1 and 2 puppy and adult beginner program for Muskoka and District Kennel Club and Jump 2Q. 


I am a certified CKC Rally judge as well. I currently have 2 up and coming goldens that I will be busy in various rings for years to come.


The biggest thing is I really enjoy is helping others. I love watching people learn, improve and achieve their goals. I have as much joy watching students do well, earn legs, titles or even reach goals on individual exercises as I do with my own trialing. I am very approachable at shows and unless I am headed into the ring would be more than willing to help or ask questions. I have had the privilege to train under great people and huge mentors in this sport and I enjoy paying it forward. Recently, I have helped students with Borzoi, Samoyed, Welsh Terrier, Std Poodles, Mini Poodle, GSD, Goldens, Shelties, NSDTR, Bouvier, Dobermans, Aussies, Belgians, Mixed breed etc achieve HITS here in the Maritimes.

                                                                I have now began to teach courses online!

Do you work shifts? Do you live too far away from a qualified coach or instructor? Do you need extra visual information besides what is offered in a class or seminar? Do you like to train at weird hours? Would you like to still train even in the months where weather can be questionable? 

If you answered yes to any of the above then please check out our on line classes and programs. We will be adding more on a regular basis.

We also offer coaching and consulting on line for any portions of obedience or rally. Please watch for our online Coaching to be promoted soon!

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