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Tracy has been training me and my borzoi for the past eight years or more. Tracy has adapted her training methods to each one of my borzoi and has never been judgemental (honestly, who does obedience with a borzoi!) or critical of my breed choice. Thanks to Tracy and her never ending patience I have earned a HIT, two PCD's, two CD's, two CDI's and one  CDX as well as two RAE's. Tracy continues to push me to succeed and always supports us. The best part is that my three borzoi love to see Tracy and she always has a pat and kind word for them. She is always postive and patient.I am convinced that without Tracy and her teaching  I would not even be competing in obedience, Thank you for all that you do. "

Norma Reid

" I started taking classes with Tracy with my then 10-week-old NSDTR puppy Celtie. We started in Puppy Class and have continued on and are doing Utility. I liked it so much that when her son was 10 weeks old, he also started in Tracy’s puppy classes. He is training now in Open and Utility.  Even though I had no idea what we were doing when we started.  Obedience and rally lay a great foundation for the other performance sports we do as well, including agility and field work.


Tracy structures her classes to build on each other. She plans and tailors the classes to meet each individual dog’s needs and handler’s abilities. Breed does not matter. There is never a dull moment in class and new training games are always introduced. The dogs have fun in this positive training environment. She is encouraging to her students, and to those who are not her students as well. Tracy does not limit herself and attends workshops to be up-to-date in the obedience world.


Thanks Tracy for always believing in me and my redheads! "

Dawn, Celtie and Keeper!

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