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Obedience & Rally Matches
Obedience and Rally Training Matches at Stay N Play Canine Centre (Truro, Nova Scotia)

This is a training match where you can have a run through and work on any problem exercises. It is your choice to repeat things etc.

Please click on the individual dates above to see what times are available and to book your spots. 

Once we receive your e mail we will block off your time slot.

Obedience & Rally Workouts
Obedience work out is $35.00  Rally workout is $30.00 and if you do full day its $60.00

These Obedience workouts will consist of 5 rotations of 10 minutes in each section on the floor.

2 Sections are full rings. You will also get 2 sets of stays. Groups are divided into A and B for working.

Therefore 5 dogs will be on various parts of the floor at the same time for distractions.

While you are on your 10 minute break we often help fellow Handlers in the opposite group when asked to be a post or call a pattern etc.

Once I receive your request I will add your name to the group

Cost $35.00

The Rally workouts are offered to the first 6 people that contact me. The floor will be divided into 2 courses.

Each person will have 9 minutes on each course and then we will change the courses

and you will have 9 minutes on each of these next 2 courses. You will have 4 times 9 minutes on 4 different courses.

These courses are set up as Novice / Intermediate (2 courses) and (s courses) at Advanced / Excellent level.

Time Range: 1:30 -4:00

Once I receive your request I will add your name.

Cost is $30.00

Competitive Camps
Competitive Puppy Boot Camp
3 hour Competitive Puppy Performance Boot Camp 
Dates to be Determined                                     Cost is $00.00 for 3 hrs
Check Back Soon for more Competitve Puppy Boot Camp Dates
or Visit our K9IQ Online section

Back by popular demand

I will be hosting a 3 hour competitive puppy boot camp.

You will receive lots of 1 on 1 attention with many Camp leaders helping me.

We will be covering many important obedience skills that also cross over nicely to rally and agility.

For Puppies aged 12 weeks to 12 months!

Winter 2019 Weekend Classes  
1 Hour Classes $30.00 per Class

Class Types: Rally Novice | Attention Heeling, Novice Obedience, CDI | CDX Open Level and UD (Utility Classes)

Cost $00.00 
Events                                         Date                                      Presenter                                   Details                                       Register
K9IQ Seminar                              Feb 1st - 6th                          Tracy Snyder                                 Bermuda                       
Puppy Mini Camps 2 Hour Classes $00.00 per Class
Puppy Mini Camps

Check Out Our Scheduled Classes

Class Types: Pups 12 weeks to 12 months

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